Q: What type of software does your engineering department use for 3D modeling and what file type do you prefer?

A: We use Siemens NX (unigraphics) software for 3D modeling. For 3D models, we prefer the following file types: Parasolid (.x_t),  Step (.stp or .step), and NX native (.prt). We also have the capability of opening native Solidworks files. For 2D files, we prefer either (.dwg) or (.dxf) file types.



Q: Who owns the 3D models once the engineering is complete?

A: The customer owns the 3D models. We will keep a library of past jobs of ease of reference, but ultimately the customer owns the final 3D models and is responsible for archiving and keeping current their 3D model.



Q: Who is responsible for determining the shrink factor for plastic when designing and building a plastic injection mold?

A: The customer is responsible for determining the shrink factor. Vector Tool advise if a customer is unsure, but the customer bears all responsibility for determining the correct shrink factor.



Q: Who fills out the mold specification sheet for quoting a new mold build?

A: We prefer the customer to supply the specification sheet so that they get exactly what they ask for. If a customer is unsure, we will be glad to assist in filling out the specification sheet. This document is used not only in quoting, but also in design and manufacturing a new mold.



Q: What size of mold are you capable of building?

A: We can build molds up to the size of a mold that would fit into a 600-ton press. There are several factors that go into dictating how big of a mold we can build, so for any specific application please contact us for any specific application please contact us for further information. This also applies to mold revisions or repairs.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.