Custom/Production Components

custom and production component manufacturing

Have a custom or production component that you need manufactured?

Vector Tool & Engineering specializes in custom and production component manufacturing. We have the experience and equipment necessary to manufacture any custom component with tight tolerances and inspections throughout the entire process. Vector specializes in manufacturing small-quantity and short-run custom components. These components include but are not limited to:

  • High-tolerance components
  • Prototyping components for production
  • Difficult-to-machine components


Quote Stage

Vector works closely with customers to understand their specific requirements and provide creative, tailored solutions. 

Design Stage

Once Vector is awarded a job, our team of experienced engineers collaborate to produce (if not provided by the customer) a detailed 3D model and 2D print to specify tolerances required by the customer. Once the customer approves the model/print/tolerances, Vector will begin the manufacturing of the components.

Manufacturing Stage

Once Vector gets final approval on the component model/print/tolerances, the project is sent to the shop for the actual build. Experienced tool makers work directly with the design engineers to formulate a manufacturing plan and implement it into Vector’s advanced tool shop.

Inspection/Shipment Stage

Once the manufacturing of the components is complete, an extensive inspection is performed to check tolerances before the components are shipped.

At Vector Tool & Engineering, we recognize the array of requirements each customer needs.

We use a collaborative manufacturing process to ensure we meet the needs of each customer, while also sticking to the high-quality standards Vector is known for.

Zeiss Contura CMM

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YASDA YMC 430 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center

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Core Insert

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